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It has been proven that correct periodic cleaning will prolong the life of any material and improve appearance retention.

Flooring endures “traffic” i.e., people walking on it, spilling coffee on it etc. over time, and can begin to look worn out and lifeless.

In an effort to help our clients keep their floors looking better for longer, we always supply manufacturer's recommendations for maintenance and we also offer our own maintenance service.

We offer tailor-made programmes to suit individual client’s requirements in terms of budget, timing and traffic areas within their building.

Our service compliments, and is in addition to, routine daily cleaning.

Advise your cleaner not to attempt to clean the floor until they read the Manufacturer's Cleaning Instructions.

Our experienced and fully trained cleaning and maintenance division work alongside our contract management teams to ensure complete client satisfaction long after the flooring is installed.

It is imperative to protect your new flooring and extend its life by providing some form of dirt barrier matting. In addition to preventative measures such as entrance matting, regular maintenance of floor coverings is important.

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